De Jister

Daar waar de koeien vreedzaam worden samengedreven om gemolken te worden.



De Amerikaanse wetenschapshistoricus Alex Boese heeft een hoofdstuk gewijd aan de theorie van Francesco Carotta. Hij geeft een zeer accurate weergave van de theorie.

Alex Boese:

‘The book is an exploration of some of the craziest ideas that lurk at the fringes of both science and history. While I don’t endorse these ideas, I didn’t exactly set out to debunk them either. After all, I have a very high tolerance for, and fascination with, weirdness. Mostly I wanted to understand what the case was for each of them, and why some seemingly intelligent, knowledgeable researchers (quite a few of them leaders in their fields) not only convinced themselves that these ideas could be true, but in many cases passionately defended them — sometimes at great cost to their careers and reputations.

I also wanted to keep an open mind because the history of science is, to a great degree, a history of ideas that were initially dismissed by scholars as being totally nuts (such as heliocentrism, evolution, continental drift, etc.) eventually being accepted as true. But yes, I do explain why the majority of scholars reject the hypotheses I examine in the book.’

Interview podcast  > 51:41


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